Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Next Program on November 11 2011

Thanks to everyone who made PitchYrCulture Mix #1 so successful with Culture Club's large, appreciative audience and fantastic presentations by our 7 presenters. 

And now . . . ! We'd like to announce our next program at Videotage on November 11(with more details to follow),  with (at this time) opening acts and side events including musician Yanyan Pang and a mini-store of vintage vinyl records organized by the legendary Paul of Paul's Records in Sham Shui Po.

Here's how PitchYrCulture works - at each event we have a theme. Of course the presenter is free to interpret the theme as they see fit (we all have our own, highly personalized musical histories). Listed below is the thematic format for the first three PitchYrCultures:

Before-it-All – Friday, September 16, 8pm, at Culture Club
Do you remember the first song that made an impression on you or meant something to you, when you were really young, before you started to care what other people liked, what other people thought of you? Before you needed to be cool or fit in and before you knew where ‘in’ was?

Into-It-All – Friday, November 11, 8pm, at Videotage
After you had worked through a few different styles, you went your own way – you rebelled. Your musical choices made a conscious statement about who you were and who you wanted to be. Posted to your parents, teachers, friends and peers, your statement was subtly or overtly against the world!

Over-It-All – venue/date to be announced
And finally, you’d either seen it all (or you thought you had) and you started to become disillusioned with what was ‘out there’. You might have even dug out some of your old favourites and felt disbelief at your old tastes! Or did that journey through your archives make you embrace the past – over the present – taking you further away from current musical trends?

Hope to see you on November 11 
and feel free to send us feedback, suggestions, fan mail

Friday, September 23, 2011

8 slides from 7 presentions - PyC mix #1

Here are 8 slides from our September 16, 2011 event, 1 slide per presenter until you get to the end.

"1966 Batman TV Theme" song presented by MC Andrew Guthrie

"我係小忌廉"  or "Magical Angel Creamy Mami" presented by Clara Cheung

"Star" by Anita Mui presented by Arthur Wong

"Sesame's Treet" by the Smart E's presented by Oliver Holtaway

"How Much is that Doggie . . ." by Patti Page presented by Alice Chik

"Comin' Through" by The Pastels presented by Mike Middleton

"Trouble" by Shampoo presented by Yanyan Pang

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Please Tune In

On Wednesday, September 14 at 11am, PitchYrCulture’s MC Andrew Guthrie will be a guest on RTHK’s Morning Brew program with Caroline Chan.

Along with promoting PitchYrCulture’s first and second events (on September 16 at Culture Club and November 4 at Videotage), Andrew has been invited to play a few selections from his 45 rpm collection.

If time allows this will include an obscure Kenyan Kikuyu folk song found at the Sham Shui Po New Year street market, along with the classic American folk song “500 Miles” being interpreted by British Duo Peter and Gordon and local entertainer Nancy Sit 薛家燕.

Here's the link to the Radio 3 website to listen live (9.30am-1pm)

Here's the link to the archived show of Morning Brew

Here’s RTHK over the air:
Hong Kong-wide: AM567
Hong Kong-South: AM1584/FM106.8
Happy Valley, Jardine's Lookout, Parkview Corner: FM97.9
Tseung Kwan O, Tin Shui Wai: FM107.8