Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Next PyC on May 4 2012!

Friday, May 4, 8pm
Culture Club, Lower Elgin Street, Central Hong Kong
Presenters are listed at this link: click

After three highly successful events of the PitchYrCulture format, in which 6 – 8 individuals explain a particular song within the confines of that song’s time limit, PitchYrCulture returns to its first venue, Culture Club in Central, Hong Kong for another exciting program involving the theme:

Over-It-All : And finally, you either have seen it all (or you think you have) and you start to become disillusioned with what is ‘out there’. You might have even dug out some of your old favourites and felt disbelief at your old tastes! This program will examine songs, genres and trends that you used hold in high esteem, but that over time lost their shine, that you now find embarrassing and/or irrelevant.  

Over-it-all/ 當一切已成往事

香港中環伊利近街15 Culture Club

最後, 當你(以為自己)經歷所有, 一切幻滅如煙消. 你開始看清事實, 或許再也不沉迷於舊時愛曲, 並且懷疑自己的品味.

本次分享將回顧你以前十分喜歡的歌曲/風格/潮流. 時光消磨了它們的光輝, 令當下的你覺得尷尬, 甚至不認同以前的自己.