Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Line Up for PyC#4 on May 4 at Culture Club

Here's the line-up  for Over-It-All (see description below). Put it on your calendar now! 

Adam Lee is a member of the web music magazine "Mugazine" which hopes to spread “Indie” rock (and other genres) into the confines of Hong Kong and greater Asia.

Calvin Wong has been involved in the Hong Kong music scene for many years, both as a promoter and musician. He is the A&R for the Underground (, contributor to local music news source Bunny Warren (, as well as co-host to the premier indie band program Underground Battlefield on online radio platform Radiodada (

João Vasco Paiva is a Portuguese artist based in Hong Kong since 2006.
His work has been presented in several exhibitions around the world. Most recently he had a solo show at the Saamlung Gallery in Hong Kong. Since 2008 he has been an instructor at the School of Creative Media, CUHK, and a lecturer at the Hong Kong Art School.

Nadim Abbas is a Hong Kong born and based artist. He has shown extensively in Hong Kong in various group shows in galleries such as 
Osage Kwun Tong, Para/Site Art Space, and 1a Space. He also contributed to the Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. His most recent  solo exhibition, "Cataract", was held at both EXPERIMENTA & Gallery EXIT. He is currently teaching at Hong Kong Art School  and The School of Creative Media, CUHK. 

Paul du Pont is a New York born blues guitarist, drummer and singer.  A recent newcomer to Hong Kong as co-founder of Vox, a company that manages supply chains for mobile networks in places few have heard of, he can often be found in studios around HK, white Stratocaster in hand, cranked to 11.

Australian-born singer-song writer, Tilly, moved to Hong Kong in 2008 with her day job building solar power stations across Asia. What was supposed to be a two-year stint has now stretched into a four-year adventure in this dynamic city, helped along by her involvement in the burgeoning local indie music scene. Tilly performs regularly as a solo artist and also fronts local band; Who Shot Holga?.