Monday, October 31, 2011

Full line-up for November 11 PyC Mix2

Here it is! The complete schedule, presenters and special events for PitchYrCulture Mix#2 at Videotage on November 11 at 8pm. You can also note that we have San Miguel as a beer sponsor to make it a proper Friday night event.

This event is free and open to the public!

The theme for the November event is: Into-It-All
Once you knew it all and you’d worked through a few different styles, you went your own way – you rebelled! Your musical choices made a conscious statement about who you were and who you wanted to be posted to your parents, teachers, friends and peers, your statement was subtly or overtly against the world!
全情投入 -- 多次涉獵各種迥異的音樂風格之後,你走上了自己的道路你開始反抗你的音樂選擇正是你對你是誰,你想要成為誰的清醒聲明。你向你的父母和老師聲明,向你的朋友和夥伴聲明,你向整個世界婉轉但也激昂聲明!

Scheduled presenters for PitchYrCulture Mix #2:

Arnault Castel was born in France, moved to Hong Kong in 1996 in part because he was fascinated with Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express. He started the multi-faceted store Kapok in 2006 in order to showcase young talented designers as he was bored by the mega-brands that define the Hong Kong retail scene (Kapok also stocks music CDs).

Ellen Pau is a video and new media artist and  the co-founder and artistic director for the media art organization, Videotage, and a member and curator of the organizing committee for the Microwave International Media Art Festival.

Giorgio Biancorosso is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Music. He studied music history and film studies at the University of Rome and King's College, London, before moving to Princeton University, where he obtained a Ph.D. in musicology in 2002. He is currently working on the book,  Musical Aesthetics Through Cinema.

Kacey Wong is one of Hong Kong’s best-known artists/sculptors/curators who has exhibited extensively, including at the Venice (Italy) Architectural Biennale in 2008 and at the Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture in 2010. He is also an Assistant Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Lynette Chiu works primarily as a creative copywriter and web content strategist while also reporting and blogging about music, art and design. She was raised in San Francisco and moved to Hong Kong after a long stint in New York. Inbetween planning (and sometimes executing) her own writing projects, she champions the offbeat and schedules vacations around her favorite bands' tour dates.

Vickie Chan was born and raised in the UK before fleeing to warmer weather and an entirely different music scene. As an artist, she’s influenced by music, often quoting song lyrics in her paintings or referencing album covers to make her own artistic point. In Hong Kong, she is also known for singing and playing keys in Six Pack of Wolves.

Extra Special Events for PitchYrCulture Mix#2:

A performance by Choi Sai Ho, an electronic musician and audio-visual artist. Selected as the Hong Kong's Top 20 Musicians in 2008, the Best of Hong Kong Indie 2009 Number One by Hong Kong Time Out Magazine for the title track "Weird Mind" from S.T. his first audio-visual album.

A solo set by Yanyan Pang, a presenter at PitchYrCulture first event and a local indie musician who formed the all girl experimental band Hard Candy in 2002. She is currently performing in a singer-songwriter project named Tyger Feb and playing bass for the psychedelic trio Logo. 

 A solo set by Heather Lowe, an acoustic female singer, who has been a strong supporter of the Hong Kong music scene for a number of years. Heather plays guitar and writes her own original music which has a folk/pop sound.

A table of products and paraphernalia from the legendary Paul’s Records (Flat D, 5/F, Wai Hong Building, 239 Cheung Sha Wan Rd., Sham Shui Po. Telephone 9841-7136) featuring Paul himself with an eclectic selection of used vinyl records including (but not limited to) vintage HK Rock/Pop.

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