Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PitchYrCulture wants your mix tape on 11/11

Please make and bring a CD mixtape  
of your favorite music to PitchYrCulture Mix 2
November 11 at 8pm at Videotage. 

請自備一張雜錦CD, 載有你喜歡的音樂1111日晚上8時攜帶到Videotage PitchYrCulture Mix 2與我們碰面.

The first ten people to bring a CD mixtape 
will receive free  MC Andrew Guthrie’s
Broken Records: 1960-1969

a text and image account of the decade,
compiling ten 45rpms,
one for each year.

10位攜帶雜錦樂曲CD的人士將會免費獲得 PitchYrCulture 主持 Andrew Guthrie Broken Records: 1960-1969 

During the event we will give away your CD mixtape
to any audience member that holds their hand up high!

Once somebody has filled their music-loving hands (and ears) with your mixtape, they will be invited to submit a review to be posted on the PitchYrCulture’s blog
如果有人聽你的CD聽出耳油, 他們將會受邀撰寫一篇樂評發表在PitchYrCulture的網誌

And if they/you do that, they/you will also be invited to present at the next PitchYrCulture event!

 How long does the review have to be? Don’t ask! This isn’t school – but it may be an entertaining education!  而樂評應有幾多長? 無須問! 此處非學堂 -- 、樂評亦可成為趣味教育!

The next PitchYrCulture:
November 11th, 2011 at 8pm, Videotage,
Cattle Depot Artist Village, To Kwa Wan

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