Friday, November 16, 2012

PitchYrCulture #6 – A Song for My Funeral

Event Name: Pitch Your Culture Mix #6: A Song for My Funeral:
a hit song when I’m long gone

Venue: Culture Club, Lower Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

Date & Time: Friday, November 30, 8pm

Free and open to the public
After five highly successful PitchYrCulture events in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the event returns to Culture Club in Central, Hong Kong with PitchYrCulture #6. Six to eight invited presenters will explain a particular song within the confines of that song’s time limit. The theme for this event is A Song for my Funeral: A Hit Song When I’m Long Gone.

While presenters have to pick one song that most fits the theme, with the concept of Desert Island Discs in mind (the ‘ultimate song’), it makes sense to consider funereal celebrations, a circumstance that allows for a certain amount of preparation, if not a list that the living can refer to, in this case - a ‘last will and playlist’.

The six to eight presenters at PitchYrCulture #6 will pick, explain and play the song that they would like to parallel their ascent, descent (or wherever) beyond this mortal plain.

Scheduled presenters (at this time):

John Woo is an experienced radio programmer.  He hosts a late-night music program on RTHK Radio One featuring nostalgic tunes from Hong Kong and East Asia.

Edgi Wai, editor for, a indie-music webzine based in Hong Kong
Paola Sinisterra, clothing designer for Hong Kong based label Tangram
Sandy Chan hails from New Zealand and is an English teacher, a keen participant of Toastmasters International, and a genuine music enthusiast.

六次分享會. 本次分享會將會有六至八名分享這出席, 每人的分享時間一如既往的不會超過所選曲目的長度. 本次PyC分享主題是: 葬禮之歌.

分享者需選取似是荒島唱片(終極之歌)的最終一曲. 這是得探討的情況: 這其實是葬禮上的一個慶典, 而現在你有條件允許你自己為此準備一個供後人參考的遺囑/最後一個播放列表.

分享者會挑選一首歌曲與觀眾分享, 並且會播放這首屬於他們另一個超越凡人的平行世界的歌曲.

PyC #6 分享節目: 葬禮之歌: 當我不在時, 我的歌仍在
時間: 20121130 (星期五) 8
地點: 香港中環伊利近街15 Culture Club Gallery
語言: 以英語為主


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