Saturday, December 29, 2012

Memories of Pitch Your Culture Funeral Songs

None of us knows death; but we certainly know OF death. This topic was democratically approved by the PyC crew, but was met by potential presenters and/or the potential audience with, well, understandable trepidation; or to be more explicit, a mortal gasp.

The emotion that might provide us with a certain amount of distance from the morbid subject is what we call melancholy; a kind of happiness in the midst of sadness. Isn’t the best thing for a broken heart to go dancing? 

Andrew Guthrie introduction

John Woo's song: "Your Song" by Elton John

John Woo

Sandy Chan's song: "Last Goodbye" by Jeff Buckley

Sandy Chan presenting

Song presented by Edgi: “Shine Like Star” by Primal Scream


Mike Wolfpac

Song presented by Mike Wolfpac不見不散 by Beyond


Paola Sinistera

Song presented by Paola: "El Que Se Va No Hace" by Canelita Medina
(this song is not on youtube! send us an email for more information)


. . . Adam Cheung presented a coda to the evening in which he played a clandestine recording he had made of three female Cantonese speakers sitting in a restaurant and discussing the recent death of a race car driver in Macao (in a crash). While the recording played there was simultaneous English translation shown on screen. Once that poignant recording was finished Adam played "Rider on the Storm" by The Doors while he typed his feelings and thoughts about the recording and life and death LIVE on the screen as the song played.

November 30 2012, Culture Club, Central Hong Kong

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